Proven Performance

Migration test 99.945% Efficient on 10 micron particles nearly twice as effective as other competitive brands for filtering sand and dust prior to entering rotating equipment air intakes.

tried and tested in the field by long time end users

replaces Viledon LF 2020 R-1 as the premier filter media available

Balanced Filtration System

TS-R1 filter media is not only the highest efficiency filter of its type, but it also achieves an optimal balance of other equally critical, filtration performance, criteria, as well. These include resistance to air flow known as - pressure drop and high dust holding capability. A balanced relationship on these parameters is essential to ensure proper air flow to the turbine, the highest level of cleanliness possible to extend the life of the final filter.

The Unique capabilities of Timbalier TS-R1

Timbalier has worked from the ground up to design the best possible media to meet the needs of the sandblasting industry to protect rotating equipment. TS-R1 is designed with progressive density starting with course fibers and ending with fine fibers with a proprietary, non-migrating, non-drying, tackfilter completely all fibers, as opposed to spraying I layer on the surface. Every strand is tackified enabling it to have a tremendous amount of surface area to catch the small particles and hold them.


Roll Size 81' x 44"

Class I Underwriters Lab Rating

Temperature Rating -212

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